Roger Allen
Birth Date: 1943
Death Date: January 8, 2019
Artist Gallery
Born and raised in Texas, Roger earned his degree in Art Education at Texas Tech in 1966. He started out as a high fire stoneware potter and art teacher in the 60's and 70's. While teaching art in the San Angelo public schools, he began to create his Art Center - endearingly named The Old Chicken Farm Art Center. In 1977, Allen left teaching to devote all of his time to the Art Center. Although there aren't any chickens at the Art Center, it was once full of chicken coops and feed silos. Today, the Art Center houses 15 local artists in its refurbished farm buildings in addition to Allen and his work. All of the pieces that Allen created were made on the potter's wheel, airbrushed, and then hand painted. Each one is unique. Allen came up with the Starkeeper story in the 90's. From his website: "Inspired by Native American mythologies and imagery, the StarKeeper goes about his duties with diligence and love for all things in the earth and sky. Each plate is representative of a piece of the story or responsibility of the StarKeeper." In "Starkeeper Drumming Up the Animal Spirit," the spirit of a coyote appears in the sky, summoned by the Starkeeper, a being who can change the seasons and hang stars in the sky.