Jackie Cohen
Birth Date: September 13, 1956

Artist Gallery
This piece was created by Jackie Cohen in collaboration with Vaugh Smith. Jackie Cohen and Vaughn Smith are co-owners of Westcote Bell Ceramics, located in Mansfield, Ohio. Jackie is originally from Michigan and Vaugh is from England. They met during an exchange course at Aix-en-Provence, France in 1977 and started Westcote Bell Ceramics in England, moving to Mansfield in the early 80s. They create functional forms in terra cotta clay decorated with polychrome slips. Jackie takes long walks across the countryside, making pencil drawings of the orchards and fields. Going back to certain places many times, she would take note of the light, time of day and colors. The imagery on the work comes from the landscapes here and in England, plus the real and imagery lives of their animals.