Robert Archambeau
Birth Date: April 18, 1933

Artist Gallery
Robert Archambeau was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1933. He served four years in the U.S. Marines before undergraduate studies at Toledo University, the Toledo Museum of Art School and Bowling Green State University, where he graduated with a BFA. He earned his MFA from Alfred University in 1964. Archambeau immigrated to Canada in 1968. Archambeau’s work is heavily influenced by Japanese ceramics. He lived in Japan for a while, working close with Akio Takamori and in the studio of Jun Kaneko. He is particularly noted for his wood fired ceramics. Archambeau has a son named Robert Archambeau, a poet and literary critic who wrote books titled “Word Play Place, Home and Variations” and “Laureates and Heretics”. Archambeau operates a studio in the remote Canadian town of Bissett, Manitoba.