Harry Armstrong
Birth Date: 1919
Death Date: 2011
Artist Gallery
Harry Armstrong was born in Ohio in 1919 and took up residence in Hartville, Ohio. Armstrong began his artistic career with the art department at The Hoover Company. In this environment he met Ellsworth P. Smith and his son, Lowell Ellsworth Smith, and both men had a great influence upon Armstrong. In the past, Armstrong worked both in watercolor and printmaking mediums. Although Armstrong has not been painting in the past few years, watercolor still remains his favorite medium. He is fond of rural Ohio, often capturing subjects and landscapes in his traditional manner, spending part of one summer in 1964 painting the Gloucester, Massachusetts area. Lobster Traps is a scene from Pigeon Cove, an area in Gloucester that is now home to a factory. Armstrong won many awards over his lifetime and was accepted into both the Kentucky Watercolor Society and the Midwest Watercolor Society.