Arthur William Best
Birth Date: July 17, 1859
Death Date: January 26, 1935
Artist Gallery
What could be more American than the “Grand Canyon by Sunset”? We should make a pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon in our lifetime. Arthur William Best was born in Mount Pleasant, Canada on July 17, 1859. He and his brother Harry attended public school in Mount Pleasant and were members of a small band. Arthur played the cornet; Harry, the violin. When the band broke up in Oregon, the brothers learned to paint before moving to San Francisco in 1895. Arthur was commissioned by Southern Pacific Railroad to paint pictures of the Southwest and Mexico for travel and tourist publicity in 1905. Many of his oils and watercolors were destroyed by the earthquake and fire of 1906. His landscapes include depictions of the Arizona desert, Grand Canyon and the Sierra Nevada. He passed away in Oakland on January 26, 1935.