Craig Bird
Birth Date: 1959

Artist Gallery
Craig Bird studied with three Bernard Leach students; William Henry Klock, Warren MacKenzie and Jeff Oestriech as well as Japanese master pottery, Kohyama Yasuhisa. Bird considered himself a traditionalist at heart and a functional potter by choice. He feels he has been influenced by Kawal Kanjiro and Michael Cardew as well as Japanese pottery, English slipware, ancient pottery, and Saturday morning cartoons. He will buy a pot that intrigues him and once he has what he believes is a “full dialogue” with the piece, he will sell them in order that they find a new home. He works in stoneware, porcelain and terra cotta. Bird’s work may appear visual and decorative, but he intends for the piece to be functional. Bird will tell you “the thought of people using my pots for everyday use is my greatest reward as a potter."