Arnold E. (Boedie) Boedeker
Birth Date: 1893
Death Date: May 1, 1985
Artist Gallery
Arnold “Boedie” Boedeker's life revolved around art. He worked in commercial art at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company for 46 years where he helped design and fine-tuned Goodyear’s diamond shaped logo and winged foot. He was a Charter Member of the Akron Society of Artists and he studied with Marc Moon and Dong Kingman among others. Boedie also established the famed Whiskey Painters – this group is made up of an artist who enjoys the taste of liquor as much as the smell of paint. East member must paint a small watercolor by candlelight after 10 p.m. dipping his brush into some form of alcohol. If you are vigilant you can still find paintings by this group today. His home was once featured in several magazines – Boedeker helped design his stone and wood beam house in 1934. While Boedeker’s father made most of the furniture Boedie created the carvings that were placed throughout the house.