Harvey Breverman
Birth Date: 1934

Artist Gallery
Harvey Breverman was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studied at the Carnegie Tech School of Fine Arts. Breverman has established himself as a successful artist in several mediums. He has had solo exhibitions of his prints, paintings and drawings. He has produced large-scale murals and bronze reliefs, as well as designed textiles and posters. In all of these, draftsmanship has provided the starting point of his success. His workplace reflects his methods. It is filled with objects that appear in his work. Stretchers, picture frames, chairs, easels and favorite shapes are kept for inspiring form and texture. On the walls and tables is the evidence of his system. There are piles of preliminary drawings, often on tissue, cut apart for arranging into compositions. Sketchbooks abound, and reference studies are pinned and taped to every available surface. Elsewhere drawings are in progress. The environment is that of an artist involved in several concurrent and overlapping projects, any of which could influence others. Acre (ah’kur or a’kur) is a city of great antiquity at the foot of Mr. Carmel in Palestine. In medieval times, it was a place of great importance, being the key to the Holy Land, and in consequence it is famous for many sieges and underwent frequent destruction. Little of interest now remains. Even the harbor, once a noted seaport of Syria, is declining in importance.