Fran Bull
Birth Date: 1938

Artist Gallery
Fran Bull’s life was inspired and defined by her childhood study of art at the Newark Museum in New Jersey. She went on to study painting at Bennington College and in earned her MA in 1960. She created this print in the late 70s, shortly after the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts founded in 1975. What an appropriate image for a budding Photo-realist. Lincoln Center is a global leader in Education and the arts. It is known for its inventive repertory and brings dance, music, theater and visual arts into the classrooms in the New York City area. Since her creation of “Lincoln Center, Dusk” Bull was compelled to find her own voice in the arts. On a solitary retreat to rural Ireland, she delved into the writings of Carl Jung. Bulls affinity for the Jungian literature would come to exert a profound influence on her art. Her art now moves in seemingly disparate directions, she works with figuration and abstraction. In 2002, Bull writes, “Looking back on the phases of my work, I see not so much a variety of ‘styles’, as what you might see if you look at the Oeuvre of a poet, author, composer. Each “body” is a world entered and explored, set forth in terms of art."