David Bumbeck
Birth Date: 1940

Artist Gallery
Born in 1940, David Bumbeck received his B.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design and a M.F.A. from Syracuse University. Coming of age at the time that Abstract Expressionism was at the peak in the art world, Bumbeck's art has always been meticulous and exacting. His engravings and etchings are achieved with tools so precise and delicate that they require him to use magnifying glasses as he works the plates. Similarly, his use of photo etching in prints of the 70s and 80s further enhanced his ability to capture appearances exactly. In Bumbeck’s most characteristic printed works, he draws upon a wide range of images from past art, arranging them in complex compositions that resembled collages. Bumbeck's art is primarily figurative, with the nude female figure a particular focus. Enamored equally of artists like Picasso, de Chirico, and Joseph Cornell, Bumbeck's sensibility is both enigmatic and mysterious. He is likely to quote de Chirico's "What shall I love if not enigma?" when asked about the subject matter of his own works. For the last 20 years, he has been a professor at Middlebury College in Vermont. The human figure has been the dominant image in his prints over the years.