Emerson Burkhart
Birth Date: 1905
Death Date: 1969
Artist Gallery
Emerson Burkhart was born near Kalida, Ohio on a farm in 1905. After graduating in 1926 from Ohio Wesleyan University he went to New York to study at the Art Students League. Burkhart returned to Columbus 1931 and taught at the Ohio School of Art. Burkhart experimented with impressionism, but being a realist at heart led him to paint the American scene in the 1940/1950s. His best-known regionalist works document the African-American neighborhoods of Columbus. He received two WPA mural commissions and is noted for the many self-portraits he produced during his lifetime. After the death of his wife in 1955, Burkhart changed the focus of his work. He began to travel the world, serving as Artist in Residence for the American International School.