Martha L. Burlingham
Birth Date: September 11, 1889
Death Date: 1981
Artist Gallery
Martha L. Burlingham was raised in Cherry Valley near Ashtabula County, Ohio. In 1951, Burlingham painted her first work at the age of 62, which was later accepted into a 1952 exhibition at the Butler Institute of Art. During her life, Burlingham won many awards for her work, and her art was featured in shows at institutions such as the Smithsonian Institute of American Art and the Isaac Delgado Museum of New Orleans. Burlingham is considered a painter of folklore, and her body of work includes many plein air landscapes. She and her husband, Earl, traveled frequently through the United States, and thus, Burlingham’s compositions feature whimsical images of folk life in the midwest. Her artistic style includes nostalgic oil and watercolor compositions that belong to the school of primitive painting. Additionally, Burlingham painted each of her landscapes from memory. In the book entitled "Who’s Who of American Women" by Marquis, Burlingham is noted as a significant figure. Her work has been collected by notable museums and galleries, such as the Butler Museum of American Art and the Massillon Museum.