Larry Calhoun
Birth Date: October 9, 1937
Death Date: March 28, 2015
Artist Gallery
Larry Calhoun was born in 1937, in his grandparent’s farmhouse near Revere, Missouri, to A. Keith and Neva Parker Calhoun. He grew up in Fort Madison, Iowa. He graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College in 1959 with the great Olympic runner Jesse Owens giving the graduation speech. Later that day, in the Wesleyan Chapel, he married Marilyn Walker. Larry later acquired a MFA in Art from the University of Iowa. He taught at Westmar College in Iowa, Millikin in Decatur, Illinois, University of Akron in Ohio and MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Tennessee.  He was a prolific artist, working in clay, wood, pastels, watercolor, and oil paint.  Larry had many interests such as reading, studying Native American culture, jazz, movies, a good bottle of Scotch, the Hole in the Wall gang, and camping with family and students.  Larry Calhoun, 77, of Jacksonville, died March 28, 2015.