Bill Campbell
Birth Date: 1935

Artist Gallery
Bill Campbell answered a calling and has been dedicated to the art of pottery ever since. Once Bill discovered pottery, he quit his job and spent every moment honing his skills and saving to buy a pottery studio. He went back to college and graduated at the age of 36. By the time he reached 40, he had a studio in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, at the site of an old powerhouse. He aims to create functional pieces that add a little pizzazz to their owner’s everyday routines. Bill makes his own clay body and glazes from scratch so each piece is distinctly unique. He is constantly doing glaze tests and experimenting. The glaze that most people think of when they think of Campbell Pottery is Bill’s blue glaze, followed by his crystalline glaze. The crystalline glaze is Bill’s favorite – the crystals “grow” in the kiln when the materials and the firing cycle are perfect. Both the blue glaze and the crystalline glaze are made by Bill from scratch. Bill calls his glazes ‘demanding mistresses;’ he’s always trying to get them to settle down and they don’t always do what he wants them to. Bill and his wife Jane set up a store in 1991 to huge success. It is now a destination spot that people drive long distances to see. They sell their “seconds” here – the pieces that aren’t quite perfect – along with pieces made by other artists.