Shirley Aley Campbell
Birth Date: 1925
Death Date: August 13, 2018
Artist Gallery
“I have to say something in my work, Shirley Aley Campbell said. "Everything in a painting revolves around design, but if that were all the artist has to give, the painting would be just decoration, I paint human beings – I try to capture the frustration and futility of being”. Shirley Aley Campbell was a resident of Berea, of Turkish descent. She is a graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art, a former Gund scholar and alumna of Art Students League and Pratt Institute. The finished canvas does not mark the end of an art work as much as a new beginning. This series is a portrait done in acrylic, pencil and photography of Janet Guthrie. The finished portrait was photographed and Xeroxed time and again, zooming in on the central figure, an object here or there, using what ever interested her the most to carry into the next phase of her work. But totally dissecting the original work, adding and subtracting ideas, reducing it down to a simpler shape eventually to brown prints and blueprints, Campbell reconstructs a whole new work from the old one, so that the original portrait becomes only a working drawing.