Claude Croney
Birth Date: 1926
Death Date: 1993
Artist Gallery
Watercolorist Claude Croney was born in New York City in 1926. He has exhibited at The National Academy, Allied Artists, and the American Watercolor Society. Croney has also taught, and authored the book “My Way with Watercolor” and published a watercolor demonstration with Silvermine Publishers of Norwalk, Connecticut. Croney talks about his feelings and watercolor as a medium:  I prefer watercolor because of its unpredictability.  The medium seems to fit my personality: I am impatient, and watercolor has a certain spontaneity and immediacy that appeal to me.  I prefer not to ponder over a painting for many days.  Croney could usually complete a watercolor in a few hours and found it to be an easy medium to paint with, having also worked with oil and acrylic.