John Steuart Curry
Birth Date: November 14, 1897
Death Date: August 29, 1946
Artist Gallery
John Steuart Curry, a major painter of the 1930s, was born in Dunavant, Kansas in 1987. He worked as an illustrator from 1919 until 1926, when he went abroad to study art for a year. Curry’s return to America and the “American Scene” helped popularize this growing trend in his first solo exhibition in New York in 1930. Although he celebrated the land and its beauty, especially that of the Midwest, he was also attracted to such themes of violence as storms and animal fights. Contrary to modernist opinion, he believed that art should grow out of ordinary, daily experiences, that it should be comprehensible, and that it should be motivated by love and affection. He hoped people might understand their world better through art. The Great Depression structured the significance of his work and in 1934 Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood and John Steuart Curry gained fame as regionalist painters.