Salvador Dali
Birth Date: May 11, 1904
Death Date: January 23, 1989
Artist Gallery
Salvador Dali, Spanish painter, writer, book illustrator, stage designer, movie producer and jewelry designer, was born in Figuera, Spain in 1904. At the age of seventeen he entered the art school of San Fernando Academy in Madrid and later expelled from this school in 1926. Dali visited Picasso in Paris in 1928 as a self-taught cubist. Not only did he see Picasso’s collages; the impact of seeing Miro’s bio-morphed forms, Tanguy’s use of vast spaces and hearing Breton’s theory of surrealism caused Dali to reorient his artistic purpose. Surrealism has two distinct aspects: one the concentrated naturalism that focuses on the unreal dream imagery, the other automatism, the belief in the intelligence of the unconscious that directs the hand meaningfully to make automatic paintings. The first aspect is the focus of Dali’s work. He once characterized his work as hand-painted dream photographs. He received great public attention on his lavish exploits. His abundant publications purporting to reveal the “real Dali” or the “true significance” of his art are couched in impressively rich philosophical terminology that he garbled in a type of abracadabra.