Paul Dresang
Birth Date: 1948

Artist Gallery
Paul Dresang was born in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1948. After growing up in Appleton, Dresang attended the University of Minnesota, where he earned a MFA in Ceramics in 1974. In 1975 he began his first teaching position in Advanced Ceramics at the Wisconsin State University at Oshkosh. Leaving this post in 1975 he became an instructor at The Cleveland Institute of Art, where he remained until 1977. From 1977 to the present day, Dresang has been teaching at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville as a Professor of Ceramics and Glassblowing. Dresang aims to create surreal images with ceramics by often focusing on everyday items in his work. He states – “My greatest hope is that when people approach my work they will be challenged to decide what they see in it. In a way they have to risk themselves, especially if they share their observations. Anyone who views my work and cares about it cannot avoid investing something of them in the process."