Jack Earl
Birth Date: August 2, 1934

Artist Gallery
Born in Uniopolis, Ohio, Jack Earl always had an interest in creating work – from his early childhood through college into later life. At Bluffton College he found he had an interest in ceramics. After graduation, he taught for several years before he found out he could get a master’s degree in ceramic art. He applied to Bowling Green first and was rejected. “So I went to Ohio State and they didn’t like my stuff either, but they were a little more tactful”. They said, “Come on down and work for a little while, and get to ‘know us”. He graduated from Ohio State with a Masters in Ceramic Art in 1964. Earl interpreted “Little Boy Blue Come Blow Your Horn, The Sheep are in the Meadow & The Cows are in the Corn” in the following way: “The Christ-like figure was taken from the Autum Cathedral relief by Gislebertus which is interpreted as being a representation of God (the Christ-like figure) pointing at Cain. He replaced Cain with the mother and child, which were taken from a 1940s photograph. The title refers to the Christ figure pointing at Little Boy Blue (the baby) to sound the alarm because the cows are in the corn. This refers to those people who do not belong to the church or have strayed. The sheep, which in the New Testament represents the followers of Christ, are in the meadow where they belong. Subject matter for his work is chosen primarily on the emotional level rather then the intellectual”. I want my work to reflect life. The more of life the viewer can know and feel from viewing the piece, the more successful the piece is.