Gary T. Erbe
Birth Date: 1944

Artist Gallery
In 1960, who would’ve predicted a 16 year old high school dropout, abandoned by his mother would someday have his work featured in leading art galleries and museums. At the age of 21, Gary Erbe didn’t know enough about art to know he wasn’t an artist. After only three months of self-instruction, he quit his $10.00 a day job as a construction laborer and set out to become a great artist. After three months his money ran out and he had to ask for his job back. Gary T. Erbe, a self-taught painter in the medium of oil, was born in Union City, New Jersey in 1944. Erbe was employed as an engraver from 1965 to 1970 while developing his personal approach to Trompe L’Oeil painting. In 1969, he coined the term “Levitational Realism” which was a break away from traditional realism as his objects seem to float over abstract backgrounds. In 1970, he made a decision which would profoundly change his life; he decided to pursue art full time. He has been painting professionally for over 40 years including creating his own frames for his work.