Hurlstone Fairchild
Birth Date: 1893
Death Date: 1966
Artist Gallery
Born in Danville, Illinois, Hurlstone Fairchild, a self-taught artist, was an illustrator, writer and painter of Southwest subjects. He attended the University of Illinois and Michigan and as a mining engineer at the Missouri School of Mines. Fairchild pursued mining engineering as a career when he first started to work. This work led him to long hours in the desert where he began to develop a strong desire to be an artist and to capture the openness and beauty of the desert, especially Arizona. With the help of two women (Ruth Warner and Vera Patterson) Fairchild opened the Gallery of Southwestern Art in Tucson, Arizona. This group was committed to Southwestern art and to their credit and the work that was shown in the gallery; a significant contribution was made to the cultural life of the American Southwest.