Christine Federighi
Birth Date: 1949
Death Date: 2006
Artist Gallery
Christine Federighi received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1972 and her MFA from Alfred University in New York in 1974. Federighi had been a professor of ceramics at the University of Miami for thirty-two years. Federighi’s ceramic work relates to her personal experiences. Growing up in the northwestern part of the United States, she was greatly influenced by Native American art and methods, and adapted the technique of wrapping each figure or object in an environment. Her figures become one with their surroundings, a metaphor for man’s interaction with nature. Visible on the surface of each piece are references to the artist’s personal narrative, evident by the use of rocky terrain and lush Florida foliage. Christine Ferderighi passed away in 2006 after a twelve year battle against cancer.