Ken Ferguson
Birth Date: March 6, 1928
Death Date: December 30, 2004
Artist Gallery
Ken Ferguson, born in Elwood, Indiana in 1928 – studied at the American Academy of Art, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Chicago and New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He was raised in a mixed setting by parents living in poverty on the farm, and then moving to the city for a job in the factory. A work ethic was ingrained into his spirit from the beginning. This has carried and influenced him throughout his life from the studio to teaching (a first love and source for inspiration for Ferguson). In the 70s, his work was mainly utilitarian (baskets and teapots). In the 80s under the influence of Peter Voulkos the scale of his work went beyond the practical use. His pieces became heavy with figures cut into the clay. Ferguson’s first use of the hare appeared in 1983 on a platter with a few splatters of green. In the 90s, the first Tripod Hare Teapot appears with its rabbit handle, and rabbit stretching upwards from head to ear tips, which form the sculptural legs. Since this time, he has introduced the tortoise to his work, which as you can see has found its place on our teapot lid. By enlarging the teapot, Ferguson would like the viewer to consider its shapes and surface transitions versus the concern of its use as a teapot. Ferguson kindly made this “Tripod Hare Teapot” specifically for our collection.