Tully Filmus
Birth Date: 1903
Death Date: February 25, 1998
Artist Gallery
Tully Filmus was born in Ataki, Bessarabia, (Russia). He was bron Naftuli (Anatol) Filmus, son of Michael Filmus and Eva Gustoff. They moved to American in 1913 and Filmus took classes in Philadelphia including Central High School, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and The Barnes Foundation. In 1927 he studied in Europe on the Cresson Traveling Scholarship from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. In the early 30s Filmus shared a studio with William DeKooning. Filmus became known for his portraits and paintings of people, including the portraits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Joseph Salk. He lived in New York City in the 30s and 40s moving to Great Neck where he lived with his wife Gladys until her death in 1991