Arthur Burdett Frost
Birth Date: January 17, 1851
Death Date: June 22, 1928
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Arthur Burdett Frost was born in Philadelphia in 1851, as the son of John Frost, a historian, biographer and professor of literature. Frost became an apprentice of an engraver when he was fifteen years old, but was discouraged to continue because his teacher said he had no talent for drawing. Frost joined the art department of Harper & Brothers in 1876 and went to London, England a year later to study drawing. Upon his return from England, Frost became a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Artist and illustrator, Arthur Burdett Frost, lived in Convent Station, New Jersey, for many years, a time he later described as the happiest and most productive years of his life. Known for his exquisitely detailed and beautifully realistic sporting scenes, Frost was also a caricaturist and comic artist. But he is perhaps best remembered for his charming and timeless renderings of Brier Rabbit and other characters from Joel Chandler Harris' Uncle Remus book.