John Hemming Fry
Birth Date: July 7, 1860
Death Date: February 24, 1946
Artist Gallery
Born in Indiana to a prominent family, John Hemming Fry lived through an incredible era in art: Romanticism through the Salon; Impressionism to Modern Art in France; and the Hudson River School to Modernism in America. Fry studied at Washington University in St. Louis before following the lead of many young American artists by studying in Paris. The influence of the academicians of the Ecole des Beaux Arts helped to form Fry’s aesthetic principles that he carried throughout his life and work. In 1890, Fry returned to St. Louis where he taught life class at Washington University. There, he met Georgia Timken who became his wife. They studied and worked together throughout their marriage and enjoyed a life of travel and painting until she passed in 1921.