Donald Getz
Birth Date: April 2, 1934
Death Date: June 26, 2018
Artist Gallery
Don Getz was born on April 2, 1934 in Salem, Ohio. He played an active role while in high school with the art department. Getz was the student art director for three years for Salem High’s annual plays. He was one of ten students selected from the United States to paint a mural in Washington D.C.’s National Scholastic Association office. In 1952, Getz started night school while working free-lance for several local firms. He took courses n perspective drawing, blueprint and reading, engineer drawing and advanced math. Through the years, Getz has worked in the advertising field for Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, Norman Malone Association, Inc. and North American Aviation. In 1977, Marc Moon influenced Getz to leave advertising art and return to painting. Upon leaving the advertising field, Getz became instrumental in reviving the Ohio Watercolor Society. Getz’s entire life has been an involvement with commercial and fine art…22 years of commercial art with two industrial firms and a national advertising agency. His advertising art experience has covered everything from basic key line to complete ad campaign concepts. He has created TV storyboards and supervised production of television commercials. Getz has another side to him: his love of auto racing, which includes go-carts, drag cars and sports cars on an amateur level.