Clement C. Giorgi
Birth Date: September 30, 1911
Death Date: August 31, 1974
Artist Gallery
Clement C. Giorgi was born in Massachusetts in 1911. He attended the Cleveland Institute of Art. His work revolved around clay and metals, especially in making copper-red glazed stoneware in his Cleveland Studio. Giorgi’s wife, Fern, and his son, David were also artists and involved in operating the Giorgi Studio and Garden Center in Cleveland. The journalist, Helen Borsick wrote the following about Giorgi: “I saw some of the pieces in progress, raw and unfired, in nude shades of pink and clay gray, in Georgi’s studio, and watched him work. I never saw a happier slave. Giorgi talked about having fun with color. He seemed to look upon glaze formulas as keys to adventure, and to regard accidents and surprises in the kiln excitedly, as gambler’s odds. Evolving shapes of wet clay seem alive as human forms”. Clement Girogi passed away in 1974 from heart ailment.