John Glick
Birth Date: July 1, 1938
Death Date: April 6, 2017
Artist Gallery
Growing up in Detroit, John Glick studied ceramics and metalsmithing in high school, and received his BFA in 1960 from Wayne State University.  He was uncertain of his direction as an undergraduate, and he credits Olga Constantine, a member of Wayne’s design faculty, with giving him a pivotal nudge to do more.  Encouraged by her confidence in his potential, he continued to pursue both pottery and metalsmithing.  His ceramics instructor, William Pitney, instilled in him a serious regard for functional ware, solid workmanship and formal clarity.  This grounding would serve Glick well in his studies with Maija Grotell at Cranbrook Academy of Art where he received his MFA in 1962.    After being drafted into the Army, Glick was sent to West Germany, where he visited several small, traditional salt glazing potteries.  This enforced his love of pottery and when he returned home in 1964, he immediately bought a property and built a studio and showroom (Plum Tree Pottery).   Upon retirement he and his wife moved to California to be closer to their children.  There he passed away unexpectedly from a heart condition.