Charlotte Gordon
Birth Date: 1960

Artist Gallery
Charlotte Gordon was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1960. Gordon started digging clay on the beach and then firing it in bonfires when she was fourteen; her parents encouraged her interest in art by taking her to museums and galleries. Shearwater Pottery in Ocean Springs, Mississippi was a major impact for Gordon and her work over the years. When Gordon moved to Ohio, she had a studio in the Belmont Casket Company with other Ohio ceramic artists: Juliellen Byrne, Bill Hunt, Gretchen Cochran and Mary Forker. It was a nice web of artists and she was able to sustain friendships through the years. “My work has always taken two paths: functional and sculptural. Since I first worked in clay as a teen, I made hand built dishes, but along with this line of dinnerware, sculpture forms were also important. There are times I bring other materials to my sculptures. This series, I feel comes closest to combining a functional aspect, surface to a form not necessarily intended for use. “Descend” is from a series started in the fall/winter of 2005, after hurricane Katrina leveled my hometown. This series combines a reference of my dinnerware with a reference of boats. The surfaces were derived from images of paths across the beach that came to me in dreams. If I crossed the path, the town would be restored. However, in my dreams I always became entranced by the patterns on the paths and never made it across”. Charlotte Gordon