Image by photographer Jacob Blickenstaff

Dean Mitchell
Birth Date: January 20, 1957

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Dean Mitchell was born in 1957, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and reared in Quincy, Florida. He is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design. He was raised by his grandmother and spent his childhood in all black neighborhoods. His home was full of love of Marie Mitchell and with her small welfare check and her wages earned as a cook, she gave her Dean a home with love and understanding – imbued him with a strong sense of himself and his people, taught him determination and self-reliance, taught him to dare to dream - she gave him a future. Mitchell describes “Quincy Plant Worker”: “The Barnes Ice Plant Company was one of two ice plants in my hometown of Quincy, Florida. I used to pass by the Barnes on my way to Shanks High School in the mid seventies. There was at one time a dry cleaners business that was across the street from the old plant. My Uncle Ben, who lived with us when I was a young boy, would send my cousin Carolyn and I to pickup his clothes for the weekend that he would wear to the local night clubs. He often gave us a quarter a piece for going for him. The old man in the painting was Rags, who worked there during the day as well as a watchman at night." Dean said “I have always considered my art to reflect the journey of my life; each painting revealing a personal perception of the things, places and people who have touched my life. The visual arts must communicate to the human spirit, forcing man to reflect on himself and his existence beyond his own self-interest, to question relationships of future generations, to explore beauty, love, fear, hate and greed; elements that have enriched and entrapped man since the beginning of time. Purity of vision and intention are more important than style or experimentation, provided it lifts us to a better understanding of humanity.”