Jerry Peart
Birth Date: 1948

Artist Gallery
Born in Winslow, Arizona, in 1948, Jerry Peart earned his BFA from Arizona State University and his MFA from Southern Illinois University in 1972. Jerry moved to Chicago, drawn by the city’s thriving community of sculptors. Peart says that his mood during the creation of the work influences his choice of color. Other factors include the site where the work will be placed and the personality of the work itself. A major influence on Peart’s style was his first assignment in the Arizona State University sculpture class. His instructor gave the class the task of taking something apart using the parts in a new arrangement, and incorporating color. Peart had prior knowledge of paint application due to his hobby of making model cars when he was a boy. He enjoyed using color and has continued with it ever since. His work suggests movement and in fact, movement is required on the part of the viewer to fully appreciate all the nuances of the form and 3-dimensional lines interacting in space. Just driving by in a car is not enough to fully experience his sculptures. Peart’s forms often seem to refer to something seen in the world – roller coasters, human figures elaborately garbed, spinning in dance, comet trails, banner’s lifting and spiraling in the wind.