Angelica Pozo
Birth Date: 1954

Artist Gallery
Angelica Pozo, a New York City native born of Cuban and Puerto Rican parents, has lived in Cleveland since 1984. She received her BFA from SUNY College of Ceramics in Alfred, New York and her MFA from the University of Michigan. Pozo is a full time, self-employed artist and she divides her time between her widely exhibited sculptural studio work, her public art commissions and artist residencies involving large ceramic tile-mosaic project. “For close to two decades my work has visually and thematically dealt with the natural world, landscape, plant forms and the environment. It is through these themes that my work also speaks to femininity, sensuality and the development of my spiritual awareness. As I ponder this statement, I realize that the essence of what my work conveys is a duality. The ability to harbor two very different, even opposing, elements or concepts at the same time. Whatever the work has dealt with thematically, I have always been working with the conflict that lies within balance. This is also the essence of my life, my thoughts, my being. I have always felt this subtle tension within, a controlled sense of chaos, an agitate sense of composure. Our challenge, as artists is to say it in a language that is true to our time and true to ourselves. I have dedicated my life to finding my heart and deciphering my tongue.” Angelica Pozo