Greg Rossi
Birth Date: 1947

Artist Gallery
Essentially, there are two types of abstract expressionism. The first, represented by Mark Rothko, is in the form of pure abstract; a study of color leaving you with a tranquil feeling. The second form of abstract expressions, represented by Jackson Pollock, is energetic, forceful, kinetic; identified by the term, action painting. Mariafel by Greg Rossi, an Ohio artist who studied under Al Bright, is a fine example of the tranquil expressionism. Notice how your eye contact is attracted immediately to the small areas of red and orange, then slowly you have a feeling of being drawn into the painting as you proceed along the undefined areas of blue and violet shades that stroke upwards. Suddenly, you come upon the small areas of red and orange again. This entire interaction creates a feeling of movement throughout this work of art. Areas of interest in "Mariafel" are the two wide straight lines of blue and violet shades perhaps creating a base line in this work of art. Abstract expressionism is not an art straining against its own limitations, but is actively exploring a means of expression. This work is an expression of color which we, as an observer, may translate into our own terms of understanding.