Judith Salomon
Birth Date: 1952

Artist Gallery
Judith Salomon is a native of Rhode Island. She has been drawn to the decorative arts ever since she can remember. Her father was a soil chemist at the University of Rhode Island, and her exposure to European culture and architecture during his sabbaticals in England and Portugal further enticed her imagination. When she took her first throwing class, at age 15, she knew she had discovered her love of ceramics. Salomon earned her BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and her MFA from the New York State College at Alfred University. Upon graduation, she was named associate professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art and this has been her home ever since. Her artwork, inspired by her love of architecture, is an exploration of what she calls containers and containment – how insides and outsides work together. She constructs each piece by hand, creating work that suggests sculpture. Although all her pieces could be functional, they are clearly designed for form over function. Recalling a professor’s advice to make sure your work leaves the studio, she donated a piece for auction at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana, where she was in summer residency. The high bidder was Garth Clark, a dealer who would show her work in in his galleries for the next 12 years. In addition to working fulltime at the Institute, Salomon maintains a studio in Cleveland’s eclectic Tremont neighborhood, which border the city’s industrial heart. It is a mix of old and renovated architecture and continues to inspire new work. In 1994, Salomon and her husband Jerome Weiss added ‘Mom’ to her growing list of job descriptions. Since then her work pace has slowed a bit, but the artist continues to do what she loves: exploring the aesthetic of clay.