Photography Credit:
Photograph by Maryanne Pendergast

Yuko Kimura
Birth Date: September 27, 1968

Artist Gallery
Yuko Kimura was born in Oakland, California to Japanese parents and raised in Tokyo. She developed her love for paper and fibers through a household chore. Kimura’s mother would ask her daughter to repair the family’s shoji window with gampi, which is a type of strong, handmade paper. Kimura stated that this chore was her favorite job, because it allowed her to experiment with old paper. Kimura pursued an art education at the Cleveland Institute of Art where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in 1994. After graduating, Kimura achieved a Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1997. She resides locally in Cleveland, though her work primarily reflects the impact of her Japanese heritage, rather than the influence of city life. Her art has been featured by the Cleveland Clinic, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Tama Art Museum in Tokyo. Currently, Kimura enjoys mending and patching through the mediums of recycled paper and fabric. She is particularly interested in translucency and uneven edges, and these elements appear regularly in her work. The simple elegance of Kimura’s body of work reveals their cultural poignance.