Crest Of The Wave

Crest Of The Wave
Harriet Whitney Frishmuth

Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 74.31
Medium: Bronze
Size: 66" x 16" x 16"
Date: c. 1925
Credit: Bequest of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Hoover, Sr.

Harriet Frishmuth's "Crest of the Wave" was originally commissioned by Frank J. Hogan of Washington, D.C. He admired the fountain by Frishmuth in his neighbor’s garden, "Joy of the Waters." Frishmuth didn’t want to sell another "Joy" that would be right next door to the first client; she didn’t think that would be fair. As a result, in 1925, Frishmuth created this bronze fountain in the Beaux-Arts Style, which is characterized by a lively naturalism reflecting the optimism at the turn of the century. "Crest of the Wave" features dancer Desha Delteil, whom Frishmuth used as a model for many of her most successful sculptures. Delteil was a model particularly popular with artists for her ability to hold difficult poses for long periods of time. "Crest of the Wave" is considered one of Frishmuth’s finest achievements. Over 300 casts sold of the smaller 21 in. size created as a working model. Only 22 examples, including the present work, were cast in the original, life-size 66 in. version.