Thomas Cornell
March 1, 1937 - December 7, 2012
Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 77.32
Medium: Print, engraving on paper
Size: 6" x 8 3/4"
Date: 1959
Credit: Purchased by the Canton Museum of Art

"Bat" is an etching made in 1959 while Cornell was in his final months at Amherst College or the summer thereafter. Just before "Bat" was made, Cornell produced a fine arts book, "The Monkey," which depicted etchings of primates. Both "Bat" and "The Monkey" etchings came from Cornell's passion to see nature closely. The idea of learning about the natural world and its complexities was important to Cornell. He believed from the start that art was not just decorative. Cornell's art, what he thought crucial for our time, centered around humankind's dependency on nature, our need to care for it, and each other.