Sentimental Machine #1

Sentimental Machine #1
Robert J. Huff
Born 1952
Acquisition Number: 77.71
Medium: Wood and metal
Size: 74" x 50 1/4" x 45"
Date: 1977

Robert J. Huff was born in 1952. He graduated from Garfield High School, BFA in Sculpture from University of Akron, MFA from Ohio State University. Huff describes "Sentimental Machine" for us: "This sculpture began as an exploration of possible configurations derived from a circle divided into irregular wedge shapes. I soon found the possibilities so rich and intriguing that I began to feel that their exploration was more significant to me than any one of the particular constructions. While there are any number of compositions; subtle to bold in feeling, it is the process of selection which seemed more directly related to my interests in art. To develop a piece which would present this process, I selected a direct, mechanical system to allow manipulation of its components. Obviously the hinged, wedged shapes will swing more than one hundred eight degrees independently and can be fixed in any position not conflicting with another element. The entire circular unit pivots on its supporting shaft three hundred sixty degrees. The supporting structure is designed to counterbalance any possible arrangement. While this mechanical approach places physical limitations on the possible arrangements, it’s the mechanical aspects of the pieces to create visual interest. In the matter of scale, it is roughly human size, large enough to create a presence in the room without overwhelming the viewer. “Sentimental Machine” was completed during the winter of 1976. I enjoyed building this piece very much. Its development served well to express several ideas with which I was concerned at the time and related to concepts which continue as an important part of my work."