Stalking the Deer

Stalking the Deer
Anders Andersen-Lundby
December 16, 1841 - January 4, 1923
Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 83.17
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 28 3/8" x 43 1/4"
Date: n.d.
Credit: Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morgan

Andersen-Lundby is known primarily as a landscape painter specializing in winter scenes. He especially loved the twilight hours when it was possible to catch the subtle coloration of reflected light. Perhaps no painter of his time or the entire 19th century surpassed him in the realism portrayed in the subtle colors of the setting sun on the snow of his paintings. This painting, which had been darkened by air pollutants, was restored and cleaned in June of 1991 through a grant from the H. W. Hoover Foundation.