Quiet Woman

Quiet Woman
David Hostetler
1926 - 2015
Acquisition Number: 83.4
Medium: Bronze
Size: 47" x 13" x 11"
Date: 1982

A Beach City native, David L. Hostetler entered the art world by accident. While studying as an engineer in the Army during World War I, Hostetler suffered a shrapnel wound. While recuperating, a Red Cross volunteer gave him drawing materials, and he was hooked. "My life centers around artful choices, the life rhythms, shapes and spaces and their infinite combinations. My lover, my nest, carving on a log, drumming, woodland meditation and archery are involved. The coming together of art, rhythm, forms and space can be magic. The quest for this magic gives my life purpose and proves my joy of being. My sculpture is woman with the mark of the present and the past cultures on her. Timeless woman as an object, a goddess, angular, sensual, stylized; but always filled with grace and vitality - this is woman."