Curtis & Suzan Benzle
Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 85.3
Medium: Hand built porcelain
Size: 5" x 7 1/2" x 6"
Date: 1984
Credit: Purchased by the Canton Museum of Art in memory of Mr. William D. Taylor

"Misbehavin" is a hand-built porcelain vessel made with translucency. Curtis and Suzan's initial exposure to lithophanes and translucency occurred when they were undergraduate students at Ohio State University in 1970. Professor Margaret Fetzer maintained the OSU Ceramic Department library and, learning of their interest in porcelain, Fetzer ignited their interest in translucency by revealing some lithophane treasures hidden away on a back shelf. Suzan’s expertise is in drawing, painting, and fibers, while Curtis focused on porcelain. Their collaboration lasted from 1979 to 1992. Curtis created the form, and Suzan influenced the color and design. Translucency is an important part of “Misbehavin." There is a spiritual quality, yet a fun, feminine and tonal quality to the work. There are additional qualities, colors, and sometimes hidden designs that can only be seen when the piece is lit. . Curtis wrote the following about this style of work: “Translucency in porcelain is a great example of an overlooked aesthetic. Translucency suggests. Translucency implies. Translucency entices and encourages closer examination."