Rat Jacket

Rat Jacket
Juliellen Byrne
Born 1957
Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 2011.14
Medium: Clay
Size: 21" x 12" x 12"
Date: 2011
Credit: Purchased by the Canton Museum of Art

"Rat jacket addresses two concerns that I have worked thru my work. I make rats. They are us so completely. Rats are territorial, completely destructive of every environment they occupy, rats are fierce parenters, and have invaded almost every land mass except the poles, From a medical reasearch perspective we are one in the same. The second concern of my work is my assiduous need to find a local relationship to global concerns, meaning if you can personalize it you can understand it. Rat Jacket was made during the first four years of the invasion started by Pres. Geo. H. W. Bush, and is a reflection of my fathers service during the Korean Conflict. My Father was awarded a CIB badge for his service after 40 plus days of 24/7 artillery fire on the 49th parallel. He never said a word about this service until 1989 when my siblings and I committed him to an intervention for alcohol use. Then we learned the content of his life of service. From my perspective we would also know more about the content of his soul. We were not disappointed. He is a good person asked to do an extraordinary service. Rat Jacket is also part of a series of sculptures using a round, spherical base that is like an old fashioned toy."