Untitled (Hearts)

Untitled (Hearts)
Jim Dine

Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 2011.17
Medium: Watercolor on paper
Size: 16" x 20"
Date: 1976
Credit: Purchased in memory of Ted Luntz Family

How many hearts has Jim Dine made over the course of his career? "Millions...I have no idea but it's mine and I use it as a template for all my emotions. It's a landscape for everything, based on something very simple but building to a complicated structure. Within that you can do anything in the world." As a self-described romantic artist, Dine embraced the heart as a shape with boundless possibilities and a complex meaning. He explored relationships of color, texture, and composition through the heart, and each heart explored a different theme and reflection of where he was in his life. In the past, Dine's hearts have been a touching symbol to his wife Nancy, and to a friend recovering from a breakdown.