Down the Road

Down the Road
Merv Corning
1926 - 2006
Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 2017.90
Medium: Print on paper
Size: 23 ¾” x 24”
Date: 1977
Credit: Gift from Tula Corning In loving memory of Merv Corning

"The American cowboy - last of a breed of gritty, tough-hided men. The rodeo rider is part of that breed, competing for prize money and belt buckles in cities and towns with names that you aren't likely to hear very often. It hardly seems worth the broken bones, bruises, and the endless hours of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror on top of a 1200 pound Brama bull or a Rank Fiddle Head pony. I am trying to depict in this lithograph a national champion who has washed down a bowl of chili with a couple cups of diner coffee as he quietly reflects on this ragged lifestyle that has left him alone 'down the road.'" - Merv Corning