Bac N 4th

Bac N 4th
Darius Steward
Born 1984
Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 2018.20
Medium: Watercolor on Yupo paper
Size: 42 x 30
Date: 2015
Credit: Gift of Tom and Marsha French in honor of Virginia and Tom Horner

"Life, life would have to be my biggest inspiration," said Steward. In "Bac N 4th," Steward's son, Darius Jr., is depicted in the foreground on a swing, while his daughter Emily stands at the back right. Darius said that "Bac N 4th" is a metaphor for the frustrations that he has encountered in life – the swing moves back and forth in an exciting way, making you think that you are getting somewhere, but then the swing stops and you’re stuck back where you started.