Fractured World Teapot

Fractured World Teapot
George Bowes
Born 1961
Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 2019.10
Medium: Cone 10 porcelain, glaze, and china paint
Size: 8 ¼ x 11 ¼ x 6 in.
Date: 1989
Credit: Gift of Susan and Dean Trilling

The creation of "Fractured World Teapot" by artist George Bowes was influenced by the Reagan presidency and the resulting discord between the United States and many other countries. Bowes made this teapot as a reaction to the fact that maps are always changing, countries reunite, and the names of countries sometimes change. Bowes studied Staffordshire teapots that were covered in patterns, and salt glazed stoneware embellished with china paints when he traveled to Europe in the 1980's. The china paint on "Fractured World Teapot" covers the outside of the piece, while glaze covers the inside. This teapot is from a singular series of work where Bowes employed the technique of china painting, making it a rare piece. Bowes enjoyed trying different techniques with the china paint, making the earth portion shiny and the spout, handle, and base a black matte by mixing a matting agent with the paint.