Tripod Teapot with Hares

Tripod Teapot with Hares
Ken Ferguson
1928 - 2004
Artist Biography
Acquisition Number: 2000.1
Medium: Stoneware with chrome slip
Date: 2000
Credit: Purchased with funds from the Doran Foundation in Memory of Edward & Rosa Langenbach

Ferguson frequently used rabbit forms in his work, stretching them to create handles or forming them into the legs of a vessel. In this piece, the ears of the rabbits on the legs are elongated to create an organic look. The chrome slip on this piece suggests both mossy growth and patina, fitting for the theme of nature. In fact, the most repeated themes throughout all of Ferguson’s creations are the use of organic colors and rabbit forms. Animals, especially rabbits, were an important asset as Ferguson segued from functional pottery into more sculptural and personal expression.