Cloud Man

Cloud Man
Jack Earl
Born 1934
Acquisition Number: 2010.16
Medium: White-ware
Size: 37" x 19" x 13"
Date: 2007

Credit: Purchased by the Canton Museum of Art

Born in Unioplis, Ohio, Jack Earl has always had an interest in creating work – from his early childhood through college into later life. At Bluffton College he found he had an interest in ceramics. After graduation, he taught for several years before he found out he could get a Master’s degree in ceramics. He applied to Bowling Green first and was rejected. "So I went to Ohio State and they didn’t like my stuff either, but they were a little more tactful. They said, ‘Come on down and work for a little while, and get to ‘know us'." He graduated from Ohio State with a Masters in Ceramics in 1964. "Jack Earl draws upon Ohio’s marshland and people for his work. Earl’s ceramic figures and genre scenes recall the foibles and predicaments of people throughout time and space, mingling vernacular images with the sacred often linking the comic and the tragic, a reminder that life is precious and to be lived rather than shuffled through. Some of this profundity is masked by humorous and surreal juxtapositions’ of people and dogs – loyal companions – and, most recently his whimsical, and often grotesque, cartoon character and portrait busts, historical photographs and comic books images transformed into three-dimensional objects." Charlotte Gordon, Curator Ohio Southern Museum